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7 Common Wig Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners

So, you've decided to step into the wig world—welcome to the wig gang, friend! But, oh no, your wig isn't quite hitting the mark, and it's not serving the looks you envisioned. Don't sweat it; we've all been there! The good news is, we've got your back with solutions to make your wig game strong. Here are 7 common wig mistakes a lot of beginners make, and, of course, the friendly fixes!

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Mistake 1: Bulky Braids

This tops the list because a poorly executed, bulky foundation can seriously detract from the beauty of a good wig.

Solution: Opt for small cornrows to create a flat, even base.


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Mistake 2: Incorrect Wig Cap Size

Who knew wig caps had a size? Spoiler: they do, and a too-big or too-small situation is no one's friend. Too big? Bulky. Too small? Slippin' and slidin'—annoying, right?

Solution: Measure the circumference of your head before purchasing a wig. Common wig sizes are Small (21.5”), Medium (22.5”), and Large (23.5”). When in doubt, choose the closest size up; never go down.

Mistake 3: Placing Your Wig Too Far Forward

Ever seen a wig that screams "wiggy"? Let's avoid that drama.

Solution: Use your natural hairline as a guide; position the wig slightly in front of your hairline.

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Mistake 4: Cutting Your Lace in a Straight Line

Straight cuts are for sandwiches, not wigs. A straight lace cut can turn your wig into a hair hat (not the look we're going for).

Solution: Use a cuticle scissor to cut your lace in a zig zag line.

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Mistake 5: Neglecting to Condition or Moisturize Your Hair Extensions

Extensions need love too! Dry, tangled, and breaking extensions? No, thank you.Human hair extensions need proper care as they lack access to the scalp's sebum, leading to dryness, tangling, and breakage.

Solution: Deep condition your wigs every three weeks, spray on leave-in conditioner daily—happy hair, happy life! Naija Beauty Hair have amaizing hair products that can help you maintain your hair, click here to see them.

Mistake 6: Using Serum or Oils Like Moisturizer

Newsflash: serums and oils aren't moisturizers. They can turn your hair into a greasy mess—only water does.

Solution: Use small amounts of light serums and oils, such as argan oil, only when necessary.

Mistake 7: Inconsistent and Improper Wig Care

Neglecting a consistent wig care routine can result in damaged extensions that lose their original look and feel over time.

Solution: Stick to a wig care routine like it's your beauty BFF.

We trust this guidance empowers you to confidently showcase your style with your impeccable wig.

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